The Visconti, The Orsini, The Davinci, & The Piero,  Mixed Use Apartments

Over 5,000 units of apartments, re-introducing quality living in the center of an urban downtown Los Angeles.

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The largest residential developer in downtown Los Angeles, G.H. Palmer, engaged Oakes Architects in 2001 to provide design development, production, and construction administration for all of G.H.P. mixed use and apartment projects.

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Typically, these projects consist of 5 stories of wood framing over one to two levels of commercial spaces. Parking is subterranean. Working in collaboration with NelsonBoivin, the Architects who provided concept designs on these communities, over 5,000 units have been successfully built.

Oakes Architects efficiently organizes, and coordinates all phases of these projects to keep up with a fast paced construction schedule.