Mysterious Galaxy Café/Bookstore

Single story building in need of vitality. Oakes response was to raise and draw attention to the corner with structure, materials, and signage.

Encino Gateway

Refining and uplifting the entire building was the challenge. Creating new fenestration rhythms on the exterior and a new signature entryway opened the next phase, which was to redo all the common areas with refreshing design.

El Segundo Retail Center

Tasked with developing concepts for a retail center adjacent to an Aerospace center in El Segundo, Oakes believes that effective design solutions begin with exploration and discovery.

Criterion Plaza

Located at the heart of the most vibrant urban environments in the country, the Criterion Plaza serves as a two level court for several food establishments, with floors above housing dynamic offices and galleries. The building was one of the first structures on the...

Cal Fed/Citi Bank, Anaheim

As part of a small commercial shopping center, we designed a neighborhood branch for California Federal Bank, currently Citi Bank.