Helms Bakery Campus

In the late 1980’s, Oakes Architects developed a working relationship with Walter N. Marks, Inc, the owners of the Historic Helms Bakery complex,an 11 acre site, straddling two cities – Los Angeles and Culver City. In the intervening 25 years, that relationship developed while at the same time creating one of the most diverse and imaginative mixture of uses in a facility on the westside of Los Angeles and Culver City.

Working with Walter N Marks, and an in-house construction team, Oakes Architects helped craft a diverse mix of uses to include a fencing studio, live theater, Jazz club, artistic studios, restaurants, and thousands of square feet of retail space, dedicated to home furnishings.Opening up, restoring, revitalizing, reinventing and invigorating a landmark of Southern California to allow new energy and vitality.

Mindful of the historic background of the complex, Oakes Architects was careful to maintain the integrity of the existing and at the same time infuse new energy producing dynamic spaces that have become most highly sought after by creative retailers and artistic professions.


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March 22, 2016